Oakland CBT Center Research Assistants

Connie Fee

Connie Fee works as a volunteer research assistant one day a week at the Oakland CBT Center. Connie graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. degree in psychology in May 2014. After graduating, she worked at a transitional living center helping young adults with varying disorders learn to live independently. While doing that work, she discovered her interest in research on the psychotherapeutic process. She began working with Dr. Persons on research in May 2017 at the Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Science Center, and then left that Center with Dr. Persons when she formed the Oakland Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center in December 2017. During her work as an RA with Dr. Persons, Connie has collaborated on a research study titled “Congruence between what a patient reports learning in session and the content of homework assignments predicts homework compliance in naturalistic CBT,” that was presented at the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies in San Diego in November, 2017. She will be starting the Master of Public Health program at the University of San Francisco in the fall of 2019.


Megan Hsiao

Megan Hsiao works as a volunteer research assistant one day a week at the Oakland CBT Center. Megan is graduating from the University of California, Berkeley with a B.A. degree in psychology in the summer of 2018. As part of the Emotion and Emotion Regulation Lab at UC Berkeley, she studies the emotional, developmental, and cognitive factors that lead to differences in emotion regulation ability, and how people develop beliefs about emotions and how that influences emotion regulation. At the Oakland CBT Center, Megan is contributing to the Congruence Study, which examines the relationship between homework compliance in CBT and
the congruence of the patient’s takeway from the session and the content of the homework assignment, to a study of therapist expertise CBT, and a study of early response to CBT. Megan hopes to earn a Ph.D. in clinical psychology while specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Eric Pineda

Eric Pineda volunteers as a research assistant once a week at the Oakland CBT Center. Eric is an undergraduate at University of California, Berkeley and is working toward a BA in Psychology and Cognitive Science. He expects to graduate in Spring of 2021. At the Oakland CBT Center, Eric works on several projects, including single case studies, studies of the process and outcome of cognitive behavior therapy, and studies of the contribution of skills learning in therapy to the outcome of treatment. Eric plans to pursue a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology specializing in CBT for Social Anxiety Disorder.

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