Research at the Oakland CBT Center

Research is central to the mission of the Oakland CBT Center. We consume research and we produce it. We attend conferences where we learn about the latest research, we read the journals, and we use what we learn to guide the treatment and training we provide. We consume not just the products of science (that is, the findings), but also the methods. We rely on an empirical hypothesis-testing approach to our work whenever we can, including by setting goals for treatment and training, and monitoring progress toward the goals. We aim to provide evidence-based treatment and training. 

We also carry out empirical studies that we present at conferences and publish in scientific journals. Our studies typically focus on the psychological underpinnings of symptoms of depression and anxiety and related difficulties, the outcome of and process of change in cognitive behavior therapy, and skill development of cognitive behavior therapists. We aim to make contributions to knowledge that can yield benefits for our own and future patients and trainees. 

Collaborators and research assistants make invaluable contributions. The research assistants are often UC Berkeley students or recent graduates, and they all work as volunteers. We are grateful for their help! 

Our research is guided by our Research Policies document. All of our studies undergo some sort of ethical and scientific review. Most of our studies are reviewed by the Behavioral Health Research Collective, an institutional review board established by a group of clinicians and researchers who work in private practice settings and who have established an IRB that meets federal standards for the review of research. Dr. Persons, Director of the Oakland CBT Center, was one of the founders of this group and serves on the IRB and the board. 

We invite patients and trainees at the Oakland Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center to participate in research. However, you are not required to participate in research in order to receive treatment or training at our Center. We do not collect any research data from patients or trainees without their written consent.  

We thank you in advance for considering participating in our research.