Professional Consultation

Jacqueline Persons, Ph.D. provides individual and group consultation to clinicians, trainees, and researchers.

Clinical consultation

For clinicians and trainees who want to:

  • get help with challenging cases,

  • learn or strengthen their skills in CBT for mood, anxiety, and related disorders in adults,

  • address professional issues, such as building a clinical practice and a professional career, setting limits and boundaries with patients and colleagues, making effective conference and workshop presentations.

  • become certified as a cognitive behavior therapist by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy ( Dr. Persons is an ACT Certified Trainer/Consultant.

Dr. Persons’ particular areas of expertise include:

  • case formulation

  • progress monitoring

  • CBT for mood and anxiety disorders

  • handling lack of progress

Research consultation

For clinicians who want to learn and practice skills to conduct research in their clinical setting.  Research consultation topics typically include:

  • selecting a research question that can be answered in a clinical setting;

  • handling ethical issues of dual relationships that arise when collecting research data from one’s patients;

  • obtaining a review of the research by an institutional review board or other reviewer;

  • obtaining informed consent.

In person or online consultation

Dr. Persons provides consultation in person or via Zoom or another HIPAA-compliant online tool.

Individual or group consultation

Dr. Persons provides individual or group consultation.

Group consultation

Dr. Persons provides group consultation for groups of 3, 4, or 5. Groups generally meet monthly. Groups of 3 clinicians generally meet for 90 minutes, and groups of 4 or 5 clinicians generally meet for 2 hours. The format for a group consultation session is up to the group, but the usual format is: 10 minutes at the beginning of news and tidbits (e.g., sharing information about upcoming conferences and trainings or what was learned by anyone in the group who recently attended a conference or training. The remainder of the time is divided as equally as possible among the group members, who can use their share of the time to present and get help with a challenging case or professional issue.


Dr. Persons has a Dropbox toolbox of assessment tools and intervention forms and articles that she shares with her consultees. Clinicians who attend in-person clinical consultation sessions may borrow DVDs from Dr. Persons’ library of CBT training DVDs.


The fee for individual consultation is $200/50 min session.

The fee for group consultation is as follows: Each clinician in a group of 3 that meets for 90 minutes is $120. The fee for each clinician in a group that meets for 2 hours is $120 if the group has 4 members and $100 if the group has 5 members. Group members pay the fee every month whether they attend or not except that each group member is entitled to miss one group session per calendar year without paying for that session.

Getting started

If you would like to schedule a consultation session, please contact Dr. Persons at 510-662-8405 ext 1 or via e-mail at to discuss working together, including to inquire about whether there might be an opening in a current group that would be a fit for you or to discuss inviting some colleagues to form a new group.

Consultation agreement

Dr. Persons asks consultation group members to sign the attached consultation agreement.

Contact information

Please contact Dr. Persons at 510-662-8405 ext 1 or to inquire about professional consultation.