Seeking a Postdoctoral Fellow

Combined Clinical/Research Post-Doctoral Fellowship with Jacqueline B. Persons

I am seeking a postdoctoral fellow to work with me in my private practice in Oakland, California. This is a unique opportunity to develop skills integrating research and clinical work in a well-regarded private practice located in Oakland, across the bay from San Francisco. I am seeking applications now and will review candidates until I fill the position.

I am seeking candidates who have:

  • Completed the work for a Ph.D. or Psy.D. degree in clinical psychology;

  • A goal to develop a career that integrates data collection and contribution to research into high-quality clinical practice;

  • Willingness to assist me in developing an infrastructure (e.g., mechanisms for data collection) that supports data collection and research in a private practice setting;

  • A wish to strengthen already-strong skills in providing CBT to adults who seek treatment for mood and anxiety disorders;

  • Interest in learning or strengthening skills of using an individualized case formulation-driven approach to clinical work.

The fellow will spend approximately 2/3 of his/her time doing clinical work, and 1/3 on research. The fellow will receive supervised experience providing CBT to adult outpatients with mood and anxiety disorders, and, as my registered Psychological Assistant, accumulate hours toward licensure in California. I will provide audio- and video-recording-based supervision of the fellow’s clinical work. The fellow will spend a maximum of 18 hours weekly seeing patients. The fellow will contribute to building an infrastructure to support research in a clinical practice setting, collaborate with me on ongoing research on the process and outcome of cognitive-behavior therapy and related topics, and, if s/he wants to do this, initiate his/her own projects and work on projects s/he has already begun. The fellow is expected to contribute to empirical research that we present at conferences and submit to peer-reviewed journals for publication. The fellow will also field telephone requests for clinical services; meet with me for clinical, research, and mentoring sessions; and participate in the training and networking opportunities provided by our local professional community.

The fellow’s salary will be based on fees received from patients that s/he treats and will likely total approximately $60K in the first year, beginning with a very small income in the first month or two and increasing as the fellow builds a caseload. Because the fellow will spend several months investing in building a caseload, this position is best-suited for a clinician who wishes to establish a private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. The fellow will receive malpractice and workers compensation insurance but not medical insurance. The fellow must be eligible to work in the U.S.

To apply, send a statement of your career interests, your CV, one or two publications, an anonymized summary of a case you have treated, and a description of a research project or two that you would like to carry out in a private practice setting to me via e-mail at

Download this recruitment flier here.