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Garret Zieve

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Garret Zieve provides individual cognitive behavioral therapy to adults at the Oakland Cognitive Behavior Therapy Center as part of his training in the Clinical Science Program at University of California, Berkeley, where he is working toward his Ph.D. degree. Mr. Zieve is working at the Oakland CBT Center under the supervision of Jacqueline B. Persons, Ph.D. He provides CBT for individuals who struggle with depression, anxiety, interpersonal problems, and related difficulties. 

Mr. Zieve received his undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Washington in 2014. He then served as a research coordinator at the Behavior Therapy and Research Clinics and Seattle Children’s Research Institute in Seattle, WA, where he helped organize clinical trials of dialectical behavior therapy for adolescents at high risk for suicide, and motivational interviewing for adolescents to promote healthy behaviors.

Mr. Zieve is currently a doctoral student under the mentorship of Allison Harvey, Ph.D. in the Golden Bear Sleep and Mood Research Clinic at University of California at Berkeley. Mr. Zieve has three years of experience conducting individual cognitive-behavior therapy for patients with Major Depressive Disorder and related difficulties in a study conducted by Dr. Harvey. Mr. Zieve’s research focuses on the process of change in psychotherapy, including studies of methods to improve memory and learning from therapy sessions, the development of decision-making tools for clinical practice, and the influence of the therapist’s personality on the process and outcome of therapy. He has published several peer-reviewed research articles and has presented his research at many scientific conferences in the United States and, most recently, at the World Congress of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies in Berlin. 

At the Oakland CBT Center, Mr. Zieve will provide individual cognitive behavioral therapy to adults with mood and anxiety disorders at a reduced fee of $100, which is negotiable, and will ask his patients for consent to provide data during the treatment process that can contribute to research. For more information about Mr. Zieve’s clinical services and the research that is connected to his clinical work at our Center, please see the current studies or contact him at 510-662-8405 ext 3 or